Day Time Frequency Net/Sponser
2 Meters
Monday 9:00PM 146.760 or 147.380 FVARC ARES Net
Wednesday 9:00PM 147.040 or 147.380 Missoula Net
Thursday 8:00PM 147.180 (On air soon) MRLA Statewide ARES Net
HF Nets
Daily 5:30PM MST / 6:30PM MDT 3.910 Montana Traffic Net
Daily 8:00PM MST / 8:00PM MDT 3.647 Montana/Idaho Net
Daily 8:00PM MST / 9:00PM MDT 3.572 or 7.043 IMN
Daily 17:30Z /   23:00Z 3.925 or 7.235 DRN7
Sunday 8:00AM MST / 8:00AM MDT 3.880 Montana Net
Saturday 8:30AM MST / 8:30AM MDT 3.935 Montana QCWA Net
Fun Nets
Daily 7:00PM MST / 8:00PM MDT 3.937 Farm Net (Friendly Amateur Radio Missions)
Sat & Sun 1:00PM – 4:00PM MST/MDT 7.240 West Coast Swap Net

3 Responses to Nets

  1. Bill Frazier says:

    You may want to change your DRN7 information for Sat. & Sun. We are no longer on 7.280 but on 7.235 in the PM and 3.925 in the AM.

    Also DRN7 now has a Facebook page

  2. Kenneth says:

    Hello Brad,
    Looks like you are keeping busy. Hi
    Beautiful grand daughter.
    I might listen in on one of the above listed nets sometime.
    Send me an email when you have time let me know how you are
    doing now.

    73’s my friend,


  3. Gary says:

    Is there a website where the West Coast swap net listings can be viewed???

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