Les Richard – N7CMJ

N7CMJ – Les Richard     USAUSA

[Quad on Ice] Hoar Frost 6 thru 20 meters @ 55 feet

Boom length 24 feet 4 elements 10 thru 20 meters 6 elements on 6 meters.

Made by Lighting Bolt.

Quad has been up for 10 winters now. No maintenance just add RF!!!

Les has Been working with quads since 1979.

Summer Time Fun
1974 vw Thing Type 181
1974 VW Thing Type 181

Icom 706MKIIg, AmCom Clear Speak Speaker, AmCom Auto Antenna Controller and High Sierra 1500 MK-II Antenna

       NOW QRV on 6 meters meteor scatter MSK 144 50.260
Also on FT8 50.313 Eskip

Rig runner, AmCom Auto Screwdriver Controller and Icom &706MkIIG

Antenna Mount and RFI Protection

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  1. Michael says:

    Hi Les nice VW, Jerry gave me your url. Have a good Xmas best to u and yours
    73 Michael TI5XP

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