Day Time Frequency Net/Sponser
2 Meters
Monday 9:00PM 146.760 or 147.380 FVARC ARES Net
Wednesday 9:00PM 147.040 or 147.380 Missoula Net
Thursday 8:00PM 147.180 (On air soon) MRLA Statewide ARES Net
HF Nets
Daily 5:30PM MST / 6:30PM MDT 3.910 Montana Traffic Net
Daily 8:00PM MST / 8:00PM MDT 3.647 Montana/Idaho Net
Daily 8:00PM MST / 9:00PM MDT 3.572 or 7.043 IMN
Daily 17:30Z /   23:00Z 3.925 or 7.235 DRN7
Sunday 8:00AM MST / 8:00AM MDT 3.880 Montana Net
Saturday 8:30AM MST / 8:30AM MDT 3.935 Montana QCWA Net
Fun Nets
Daily 7:00PM MST / 8:00PM MDT 3.937 Farm Net (Friendly Amateur Radio Missions)
Sat & Sun 1:00PM – 4:00PM MST/MDT 7.240 West Coast Swap Net

One Response to Nets

  1. Bill Frazier says:

    You may want to change your DRN7 information for Sat. & Sun. We are no longer on 7.280 but on 7.235 in the PM and 3.925 in the AM.

    Also DRN7 now has a Facebook page

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